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5 Reasons to Use a Solar-Powered Camera for Your Construction Project

January 12, 2024

5 Reasons to Use a Solar-Powered Camera for Your Construction project

It is vitally important as a Project Manager that you capture the first key milestones. These crucial events often determine the ongoing success as one thing builds upon another.

So it was when Chandler was managing his ground up retail development project and he wanted to capture his slab pour. He was using an AC powered construction camera.

Unfortunately, when he was reviewing photos later that day, he realized that no data was captured. The camera had been unplugged for a few days and it didn’t capture the process or progress that was made.

While AC power is appropriate for construction cameras in some scenarios, there are often added complexities that can throw a wrench in things.

Maybe the electrician doesn’t think twice about unplugging your device to charge his power tool, a cart is pushed by the plug and it yanks the plug from the duplex, or the excavator accidentally cuts through the power source as he is trenching a water line.

5 Reasons to use a solar-powered camera for your construction project

Regardless of the reason, you need to put parameters in place to avoid these problems from occurring in the first place.

Even if it wasn’t your fault, as a Project Manager, you are tasked with the responsibility of making sure things run smoothly.

As a consequence, Chandler is now using a different approach to prevent this problem from occurring again. His job site cameras are being fully powered by solar. He has successfully captured every key milestone since.

Below are five reasons why you should use solar camera to capture your construction project.

1. Give You and Your Team Greater Mobility

Make your superintendent’s job a lot easier. Nobody wants to be stringing extension cords around the jobsite. Nor does anyone want to be restricted by an energy source.

Imagine having to move your camera around as the project changes and contractors need to work in specific areas to accomplish their work. Suffice it to say, set up your solar-powered camera one time, in a strategic location, and you will avoid this frustration all together.

You and your superintendent want to focus on doing your jobs. Part of this is making sure the tools you use require as little attention as possible.

2. Use a Construction Camera that is Sustainable

By sustainability, I don’t just mean utilizing green energy. Although this is a perk, by sustainability, I mean the actual nature of a construction camera that sustains itself.

Buildcam cameras come with a single, fully powered, 20W solar panel that is essentially maintenance free. Additionally, you won’t have to worry if a contractor cuts through the power source when dirt is flying around. Keep things simple and manage your camera’s energy with solar.

Additionally, Buildcam cameras can handle days of rough, overcast weather thanks to the robust battery. If it happens to be a rainy day, our camera will catch a charge the next time the sun makes an appearance.

5 Reasons to Use a Solar-Powered Construction Camera

3. AC Power at your Jobsite is No Guarantee

As a Project Manager, our operations were often conducted in remote areas of the country like the Mojave Desert in Arizona. In almost every circumstance, we broke ground without a power source. With tight deadlines the directive is often to break ground and figure out second matter issues when time or circumstances present themselves.

But as we are all aware, second matter issues often become first rate problems as the project continues along. “Why didn’t we monitor the first three weeks of the project.” Do we have any evidence for the change order?” In other words, don’t be tied to the city representative or electrician to give you access to power. A creative solution is using solar to satisfy secondary matters and avoid potential issues.

4. Implement Best Practices on the Jobsite and in the Office

Proficiency in our work comes with time, experience, and an understanding of processes. In addition, we all have to adjust to external circumstances that affect our work such as our most recent transition to remote work.

Construction Dive conducted interviews with construction professionals asking how they have leveraged technology with the dawn of remote work. Using solar is an application of leveraging proven technology to achieve improved efficiency on the jobsite.

Our solar panel is a deduction of thorough research, tested results, and proven performance. Utilize these opportunities to make you more effective at your work.

5. Limit Maintenance with your Solar Powered Construction Camera

As noted above, construction professionals want to use tools that solve a problem and don’t create more problems. With Buildcam, we are supplying construction cameras with solar power.

Our goal is to make our product hands free after initial setup. Our business is you and your business is construction. We take this responsibility seriously and deliver a product that does what we say it will.

Jobsite Camera in Short

Buildcam seeks to provide the best product at the most competitive price. The purchase of your construction jobsite camera comes with a lightweight effective solar panel that will keep it charged throughout the duration of your project. It is durable and has a proven ability to perform in rugged environments.

As you move forward in the decision process, consider how your construction camera is meant to improve the welfare of your work. At Buildcam, our products are made to increase your mobility, create a self-sustaining product, build around best practices, and minimize ongoing maintenance.

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