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What is Included in a Construction Camera System?

January 1, 2022

What is Included in a Construction Camera System

Do you need a construction camera for your job site? You have come to the right place! In this article, I will breakdown what a construction camera system should include and why these inclusions are important.

First, it is important to note that there are two main aspects to a construction camera system: the hardware and software. Additionally, I will outline supplementary services that may be included to support your system.


The hardware includes the physical components of the system: camera, controller, interface, housing, hookups, etc.

Buildcam uses a 24MP DSLR camera that is ready to go out of the box. For comparison, 4K resolution is 8.3MP or above, so Buildcam’s resolution is much higher. This is great for capturing detail and documenting the build, as the high-resolution lets Project Managers zoom right into the details without it becoming blurry or grainy.

What is a controller? A controller is the brain that communicates with the camera and tells it what to do; take photos, go to sleep, and so on. It also handles uploading photos. The Buildcam controller works completely autonomously out of the box, so you don’t need to put time and energy into configuring or messing around with it.

The housing is the shell that protects the camera and controller. A good housing will protect the camera from elements and insulate it from heat, cold, moisture, etc. Specifically, our housing has a IP-66 rating which means your camera is protected from the elements. Heavy rainstorms and dusty work sites pose no threat.

Lastly, our camera communicates with the hardware via a 4G SIM card to enable connection on the jobsite. In other words, our cameras are not dependent on wi-fi or ethernet being available. The two communicate through this data connectivity.

The Cloud

The software is the cloud ecosystem that supports the camera. Our software is built to help the camera communicate with our online platform that integrates with common data sharing platforms like Procore.

Additionally, our software has an online gallery where you can access all your photos. You will have the capability to access your hub either by phone or desktop, download images, forward them to specific parties, transfer them to other devices, or invite other team members to the platform.

In summary, it is a gallery that is suited to satisfy all your project management needs.

Why It’s Important

Both the hardware and software make up the nuts and bolts of a construction time lapse system. You need an autonomous system that will self-monitor and capture images throughout the duration of your project.

A construction camera also needs rugged by design. It won’t matter if the weather is hot, cold, wet, dry, etc. IP-66 or greater housing provides this capability, so you can focus on your work.

Supplementary Services

The hardware and software portions of your system makeup a majority of the offering. Other aspects to consider are the power source, customer service, and video making/creation.

Power Source

Buildcam cameras are powered by a 20W solar panel. The solar panel is included at no additional cost. Additionally, a few cloudy days will not affect your camera’s performance as our batteries are designed to hold a charge for 7+ days. If you have been using AC on your projects, consider the benefits of solar power.

Customer Service

Depending on the construction camera system supplier, you will get a varying degrees of service. At Buildcam, we provide you with customer service from the purchase of your product, to the creation of your time lapse videos.

Buildcam customer service reps, in addition to sales, are eager to walk alongside you through the entirety of your project. We are always available to provide assistance and advice.

Our goal is to make you successful. We believe that an integral part of that is making sure you get the most value possible out of our system.

Additionally, we have years of experience in the construction time lapse industry. Our customer service is backed by industry knowledge. If you are coming to time lapse with limited experience, we are happy to walk you through the process.

Video Editing/Creation

Buildcam automatically creates progress videos ready for download at the following intervals: 7-Day, 30-Day, and 90-Day. At your request, we can deliver you a premium, professionally edited 4K+ timelapse at the end of your project to tie all your hard work together.

Additionally, our AI Time Lapse Movie Maker delivers 4K videos straight to your inbox every month, automatically. From there, you can forward it to your stakeholders and key personnel.

Timelapse video options are one of the most important aspects to a construction camera system. You need an efficient way to create and distribute the footage you create.

Bringing it Together

Here is a quick review of the key aspects to a construction camera system:

  1. Hardware: the physical components of the system
  2. The Cloud: the gallery hub that stores and helps you manage your photos
  3. Power Source: a simply lightweight solar panel that grants you autonomy on your job site
  4. Customer Service: a team of professionals that are at your service
  5. Video Editing/Creation: an AI Time Lapse movie maker that automates workflow

If you are interested in learning more about the Buildcam construction camera system, make sure you hit the button below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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