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AI Movie Maker

November 3, 2021

Artificial Intelligence Movie Maker

One of the most important tools that Buildcam implements in its product offering are complimentary software capabilities that make construction time lapse accessible to everyone. Simply put, not every project manager has a professional post-production studio team on standby.

As a result, we created an AI Time Lapse Movie Maker that automatically creates movies for you. Take it from me:

Below is a breakdown of our AI Time Lapse Movie Maker can do for you. Additionally, I wanted to provide some hot tips on what to use these videos for. Enjoy!

Artificial Intelligence Movie Maker Specifications

What does our AI time lapse professional video generator do for you? Here are the five capabilities of our AI Time Lapse generator.

  1. Best Image Selection: AI Movie Maker will automatically detect and choose the best photos for you.
  2. Image Enhancement: the process of enhancing or modifying images so that they are more appealing and clearer.
  3. Stabilization: correcting variations in camera position between photo shots
  4. Deflicker: AI Movie Maker equalizes varying brightness levels across photos to avoid a ‘strobe light’ effect
  5. Frame Blending: AI Movie Maker smooths the transition between photos so the footage isn’t ‘jumpy’

How does it all work? Well, it’s this simple: the process is automated. 7-Day, 30-Day, and 90-Day progress videos of your project are ready for download anytime. Additionally, AI Movie Maker will send you a premium, full project time lapse video, monthly and automatically. Because the process is automated, you will not have to spend any time doing the editing yourself.

Impressing Clients and Attracting Prospective Clients With Time Lapse Videos

Using Construction Time Lapse to Improve Team Collaboration

Now, I would like to share some hot tips with you on how to best utilize your time lapse videos.

First, I suggest downloading a video that captures weekly, monthly, and quarterly time periods. This keeps your processes streamlined for your client. For example, as a former Project Manager, my developer appreciated the consistency this reporting provided their company.  This will keep your clients engaged and help build trust throughout the course of your project.

In addition, the other added benefit is transparency. Clients want to know what’s going on. They also want to know if there are project delays and why those project delays occurred.

Maintain Good Rapport With Existing Clients

Second, use sequenced project videos to “wow” clients. One of the sure-fire ways to keep your existing clientele base is to provide added perks.

As Project Managers, we understand the importance of developing rapport and delighting our clients. Time lapse videos serve as a great gift and celebrate a job well done.

Creatively Use Construction Time Lapse Photography for Digital Marketing

Lastly, time lapse videos allow you to show off your work to prospective clients. With the dawn of this digital era, digital marketing will only become more important for construction companies to adopt. With tools such as our AI time lapse generator, you will have no obstacles to showcasing your company’s work.

Similarly, how will prospective clients know about you if you don’t make it known to them? Posting project videos to social media will boost your credibility, build your company brand, and impress your online community.

We are always prepared to field an inquiry from you. If you want to know more about our equipment, or how AI time lapse cameras will benefit your company, feel free to reach out and speak to our Customer Success Team today.

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