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5 Ways to Market Your Construction Company with Time Lapse Photography

Market Your Construction Company with Time Lapse Photography

One of the greatest uses for construction time lapse is the ability to market your construction company. You may be asking, why is marketing important? It’s the primary way clients and developers find out about your business, which gets you on more projects.

Furthermore, marketing is constantly changing and you’ll get the best return on investment if you keep up with trends. One of the largest digital marketing consulting agencies noted that video marketing increased by 80% year over year.

Video marketing is one of the fastest and most effective ways of growing your reach. Videos speak volumes and words can only say so much.

In this article, I want to explain 5 ways you can leverage construction time lapse videos to market your company and generate more business.

1. Win Repeat Business by Delighting Existing Clients

The backbone of every construction business is maintaining solid rapport with existing clientele. Speaking from personal experience, successful project management hinges on consistent and clear communication with stakeholders.

Today, clients desire to be involved throughout the entire process. Increased transparency is the key to continued client satisfaction throughout the construction process.

Clients want to be communicated with in a constructive way. In other words, they don’t want to be bombarded with low priority information.

An effective way to satisfy both of these requirements is by providing digital videos. In one swoop, clients are immediately updated and receive communication that answers their questions.

2. Expand Your Network with Time Lapse Photography

Time Lapse videos can be addicting. You are scrolling through social media only to be glued to a construction time lapse video of our neighbors backyard pool being built. We are all intrigued by the process of development, and enjoy watching the construction craft play out. Your potential clients are no different.

Making frequent posts online of progress videos and completed project videos will show off your work and engage future prospective clients.

3. Utilize Social Media for Finding New Clients

Social media marketing was the #1 way companies distributed information about their product or service in 2021. Following closely, the rise of personalized messaging and aforementioned video marketing.

Are you using these powerful mediums to communicate your services? If not, consider the opportunity and what your competitors will be sinking their marketing dollars into. Google, Social Media, and other platforms, are primary ways to distribute information about your company these days. There has never been as many opportunities to get your company’s name out there, so press every advantage you can get.

Time lapse videos make digital marketing seamless. As noted above, people enjoy seeing progress videos, it is engaging, and it displays your company’s capabilities.

Market Your Construction Company with Time Lapse Photography

4. Engage the Local Community with your Construction Project

Even though digital marketing is becoming a very important marketing medium, organic sales is still very important for a relational business like construction.

If you are performing a local project, engage the community by showcasing project progress and other interesting aspects of your build. Local folks have a vested interest in their community and want to stay up-to-date on the latest action.

Subsequently, building a positive brand will help you win the next local project when the time comes.

5. Make a Strong Sales Pitch

I have a friend who is using 3D Printing in the construction industry but not how you would think. He operates a traditional commercial construction business but is able to win more business because he pitches his service meetings with 3D models of the project.

Developers love this because he is already proving the concept to them. In other words, it proves that he has conceptualized the project, understands the nuances of each detail, and has thought through the scope of work.

Showcasing your past projects to clients by using construction time lapse videos serves a similar purpose. It displays past work that you have successfully accomplished, all the while setting a vision for the project you may do for this prospective client of yours.

Bringing it Together

Here are 5 ways to you can leverage your construction time lapse videos to market your company and generate more business:

  1. Win repeat business by delighting existing clients
  2. Expand your network with time lapse photography
  3. Utilize social media for finding new clients
  4. Engage the local community with your construction project
  5. Make a strong sales pitch

So what is the ROI on a construction time lapse video? Imagine if you add another project or two from your current clientele base due to increased satisfaction. What if you are able to garner a couple new clients because they came across your time lapse video on social media? Maybe you win another local project? The numbers add up. Long-term timelapse is your secret weapon for marketing construction success.

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