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Choosing the Best Construction Time Lapse Camera

November 28, 2021

Choosing the Best Construction Time Lapse Camera

So, you’re in the market for a Construction Time Lapse Camera? Maybe you’re hoping to improve your site intelligence by having ample over site of your project, or you want to improve stake holder engagement.

If you survey the market options, there are a host of opportunities that you can choose from. The looming question becomes, what are my best options?

In this article, I will lay out a few key considerations in choosing your next Construction Time Lapse Camera, and how well Buildcam fits within that decision process. But first, here are a few reasons why construction time lapse cameras will benefit you throughout your project.

Construction Time Lapse Camera as a Necessity

  • Delighting customers and garnering more repeat business is the best way to be successful in the construction industry.
  • Construction innovation and technology implementation is not slowing down. This study shows that 29% of firms reporting to the Construction Association say they are investing in technology.
  • Building a digital presence is no longer a nice addition to your marketing strategies. Building a digital presence is now the standard.
  • Site monitoring should be augmented with Construction Cameras. It is unrealistic for a Project Manager and his team to monitor multiple sites at one time without additional resources.

Construction Time Lapse Camera Benefits

  • Utilizing a Construction Time Lapse Camera will enhance your client experience. Your client will be delighted to receive weekly, monthly, and quarterly progress updates through a time lapse video. As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. So, what do a thousand pictures speak?
  • Construction Time Lapse Cameras help construction teams get out in front of problems before they occur.
  • Document progress and time stamp events that affect project performance. Construction Time Lapse Cameras will note every moment, from beginning to end, of your construction project.
  • Develop cohesiveness with other team members. Your team of individuals all want the same outcome: a successful project.

Construction Camera Durability and Solar Power

Often, the performance of Construction Time Lapse Cameras is overlooked for budget reasons. But if you are going to spend the time, money, and effort to buy a camera, get the best gear for the most competitive price.

First, consider the image quality of your camera. Your clients and stakeholders don’t want to receive updated progress reports with low image resolution. The end goal is to delight clients and effectively communicate project progress.

Second, consider the ruggedness of your Construction Time Lapse Camera housing. Does it withstand the seasonal elements of your geographical area? Is it watertight and capable of staying on a jobsite for multiple years through heat, wind, rain, or snow? Considering the quality and build of your camera will help you decide what is needed for your upcoming project.

Third, is your camera solar power? This may seem like a minor detail, but most construction jobs don’t come with AC hookups at the beginning of your project. Solar powered cameras give you free reign and autonomy to place your cameras whenever and wherever you want on the jobsite.

Buildcam’s jobsite camera gives you high-resolution, 24MP photography on solar power. Choose a camera that will be as proficient and work as hard as you.

Choosing the Best Construction Solar Powered Time Lapse Camera

Construction Camera Artificial Intelligence

Answer these questions to determine if your prospective camera has baseline software capabilities: Does your camera update progress photos in real time? Is there a portal that can be accessed by multiple team members? Does it integrate with Procore? How about AI Time Lapse Video creation?

Here at Buildcam, we pride ourselves in being on the pioneering edge of using AI to create streamlined videos of your project. With our technology, you can cut the overhead and time that goes into developing videos that engage your clientele and showcase your work.

Consider Your Construction Camera Support Team

Lastly, how engaged is your construction camera supplier? When you are purchasing a product, you aren’t just purchasing the merchandise and software: you are buying the support team. Choose a team that wants your project to succeed just as much as you.

At Buildcam, your call will be met with one of our representatives and not a bot. Additionally, our representatives have both knowledge and experience in the construction industry. From beginning to end, we will be with you to solve any problems that may arise or answer any questions you may have.

Construction Time Lapse Camera Conclusions

Buildcam’s best interest is you. We have developed a Construction Time Lapse Camera with capabilities that will help you complete your project on time and on budget, provide your team with the tools to successfully pioneer the future with cutting edge technology, and a camera that was created with the built environment in mind.

In other words, your needs are met with hardware, software, and service that will make you and your company a cut above the rest. Feel free to check some of our successful client’s projects below. We are only scratching the surface with Construction Technology implementation, be on the cutting edge.

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